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My Glass of Lemon Water


For indeed, feeling jealous over the blessings Allah has given to other people and developing clots in the heart is always ugly. We sometimes get jealous over just about everything, even when the people we’re feeling jellybelly at that very moment are very much closer to us than any other strangers. Being jealous is one major problem of the heart, and it could also lead to other penyakits of the heart, like being a snob. Jellybeans can easily catch the slimysnob flu because it’s like a chain reaction. The sicker the heart gets, the more the viruses attack. The weaker the immune system as well. It’s like AIDS, only that the main organ attacked here is the heart. Not just the slimysnob flu, other penyakit hati as well, like showieofftachycardia, oh-I’m-amazingchickenpox, tipahtertipufever, you name it. The SADDEST part is that, when the heart is covered with the evil viruses, the…

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