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Assalamualaikum and Good Morning

**First Long List** 1

**Updated List for UBD No. [28291 – 28340]** 2

23 November 2013 – 10am


Please be informed that our office will be closed from 12noon until 2:00pm, for the MPP to do their revision and Zohor Prayer. We will resume the distribution insyaAllah after 2pm. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

**UPDATE** 4

“Good Afternoon, We have received additional names at around 3.30pm today (23 November 2013):

13H1302 NGUYEN THUY LINK [I/C NO: 20-130168, UBD NO. 29088]

13M0474 HAMIDAH HJ MOHD IDRIS [I/C 00-305155, UBD NO.29089]

13D0353 NUR AFIQAH HJ IDRIS [I/C 01-064022, UBD NO. 29090]

13D0354 FATIN ATIKAH YAMAT [I/C 01-087014, UBD NO.29091]

13H0577 MOHD HILY BAIHAQY HJ YUSSOF [I/C 01-087014, UBD NU. 29096]

To those who returned their Student ID on Thursday for correction on names, renewal of ID, UBD No., wrong photo on ID kindly download the following document:


Once everything is finalized, we will compile you the list in one PDF. InshaaAllah

Thank you 🙂


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