PMUBD Core Value: Unity, Commitment, Professional, Quality, Proactive

Recruiting video makers and editors for the Freshers' Magazine

Assalamuaalaikum wbt,

Have you missed the chance to contribute to Fresher’s week? One of the reason we wanted to volunteer for Freshers’ Week is so that we wish for the Freshers to have a smooth ride when just setting foot in UBD as a university student. Also, having to volunteer you will be given a certificate showing you had contributed voluntarily and pro-actively with commitment to a certain task which looks good on your Curriculum Vitae (cv).

So PMUBD is offering that chance to contribute once again…

1. PMUBD Video
Introduction to what PMUBD does, what the Student Representative Council does and its role in the university. Also some footage of clubs activities. In need of 3 more committed students.

2. Freshers’ Magazine
Written introduction to PMUBD and the clubs that are managed by the PMUBD members. Also written sections by our very own UBD students such as HowTo manage university life or choosing the right module and planning and many more. In need of 5 more journalist in EMPRO

Do contact us thru the phone number 8838361 or email at

An interview may be made if exceeded the number of student registered.

Head of Exco Media & Public Relations Officer of PMUBD
MPP PMUBD 2012/2013


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