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Symbolism of Bamboo and its relation with student life

Symbolism of Bamboo


A sneak peek for the upcoming design by our executive members. Objects connotes many different signs holding meanings. Therefore, life is full of symbols. For the moment, the article tells us what does bamboo signifies and what can we relate this object to our lives as a university student?


Bamboo is a giant species of Poaceae grass family plan also known as Bambuseae. It is evident that bamboo is a plant of great value to a country, particularly countries in Southeast Asia in terms of economic or cultural aspects. It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world! There are various species of Bamboo growing around the world, including in cold-climate countries. Some even live in the four seasons such as the Alata, yellow groove and spectabilis.

Bamboo has its own unique character. To the Chinese people, bamboo is a symbol of virtue and it reflects people’s souls and emotions. But as undergraduates students, Dependability in a bamboo actually symbolizes the strength that every student should have, in that students should be prepared mentally and physically to face the world which is full of challenges.

As most of us are aware of, the bamboo cannot live on its own. It generally grows in clusters, and this reflects us. We don’t face university life alone. Many others are experiencing it with us, including our family members and friends. This indicates harmony in life and the bonds formed with each other.

Bamboo has a variety of uses. For example, it can be used as building material to make houses, musical instruments and more. This symbolizes the variety of functions the University has in producing youths with various abilities and skills in their respective fields as their contribution to the country.

Bamboo also symbolizes the strength of relationship. The bamboo shoots need each other in whatever situation and this shows the high spirit of teamwork. This is an attitude that every undergraduate should have at the university. Instead of only depending on one’s self, we must learn to rely on each other as a community. In the end, this is one of the most important lessons that we can learn as a student in Universiti Brunei Darussalam and as a part of an association, Persatuan Mahasiswa/I Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

Article by
Nur Janatul Majidah & Dk Siti Amalina Fitri
“Run By Students, For The Students”

Warm regards,
Ak Muhammad Nur Azmi bin Pg Hj Safri
Head Executive of Media & Public Relations Officer of PMUBD
Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar PMUBD 2012/2013


RESCO (Residential College) student undergo leadership course


UBD students learn skills to become future Muslim leaders


The Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and SportsDatin Paduka Hjh AdinaOthman (L) presents a certificate to the Chairman ofRESCO Muhammad NabilBaharun during the ‘Future Caliph Youth Leadership Camp’ held at the Sports village yesterday. Picture: BT/Rahwani Zahari


Monday, June 10, 2013

A YOUTH camp teaching university students leadership skills based on Islamic principles organised by the humanitarian relief support groupKatakIjau which concluded yesterday was well-received by participants.

Interviewed during the completion ceremony at the Sports Village inBerakas, 19-year-old participant Nur Aqilah Hj Abd Latif said she had participated in similar camps but felt the “Future Caliph Youth Leadership Camp” is “better”. The Maths major urge other students to join the leadership camp as it is would benefit them in terms of experience and knowledge.

A joint effort by KatakIjau and the Department of Youth and Sports, the camp started on June 6 with participation from 23 first year students from the Residential College (RESCO) of Universiti Brunei Darussalam(UBD).

The purpose of the camp was to raise awareness among youths to become visionary leaders that follow the leadership of the Islamic caliphate which is in line with His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam’s aim to make Brunei a Negara Zikir.

“The leadership camp is a KatakIjau project requested by UBD for its RESCO students,” the President ofKatak Ijau Rozan Hj Kaderi told The Brunei Times.

“This is our first time organising this type of leadership camp for UBD and we are honoured that UBDasked us to train the students in the Islamic way.”

Initially conducted at the Youth Centre in the capital, the programme had to be relocated to the Sports Village in Berakas as victims of a recent fire in Kg Ayer had to be placed there temporarily.

Present during the event was the guest of honour Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport DatinPaduka Hjh Adina Othman who presented participants with the certificate of completion.

She also saw a winning group project presented by team member Firqah Sayyidina Othman titled “Faedahdan Kebaikan Pembabitan Belia Dalam Kerja-Kerja Amal” (Benefits of Youth Participation in Charity Work).

Syirain Afifi Md Fadzil, a participant, remarked in her address that charity work is not only just for adults but youths can also lend a hand to the poor, ill and misfortune.

Other participants commented that the camp as a whole increased their experience and knowledge of Islam, the MIB (Melayu, Islam, Beraja or Malay Islamic Monarchy) philosophy and Vision 2035.

The Chairman of RESCO, Mohammad Nabil Baharun, 23, expressed that aside from Islam, MIB philosophy and vision 2035, the camp also taught them about thinking dynamically and adapting the values learnt in everyday life.

Mohammad Safwan Suhaimy pointed out that the camp not only gave them experience, it also strengthens the bond between the participants.

The biology student shared that in one of their activities which is the “Explorace”, the groups helped each other even as the expressed the will to win.

The Brunei Times


Recruiting video makers and editors for the Freshers’ Magazine

Recruiting video makers and editors for the Freshers' Magazine

Assalamuaalaikum wbt,

Have you missed the chance to contribute to Fresher’s week? One of the reason we wanted to volunteer for Freshers’ Week is so that we wish for the Freshers to have a smooth ride when just setting foot in UBD as a university student. Also, having to volunteer you will be given a certificate showing you had contributed voluntarily and pro-actively with commitment to a certain task which looks good on your Curriculum Vitae (cv).

So PMUBD is offering that chance to contribute once again…

1. PMUBD Video
Introduction to what PMUBD does, what the Student Representative Council does and its role in the university. Also some footage of clubs activities. In need of 3 more committed students.

2. Freshers’ Magazine
Written introduction to PMUBD and the clubs that are managed by the PMUBD members. Also written sections by our very own UBD students such as HowTo manage university life or choosing the right module and planning and many more. In need of 5 more journalist in EMPRO

Do contact us thru the phone number 8838361 or email at

An interview may be made if exceeded the number of student registered.

Head of Exco Media & Public Relations Officer of PMUBD
MPP PMUBD 2012/2013