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Comments on: "Pen-drives to be collected on Saturday 1st May 2010" (6)

  1. o.0 I missed it! I didn’t check the blog, so I didn’t know that the pendrives are ready to be collected. Is it only today the pendrives are available? Or there’s gonna be on Monday also or what?

  2. syasya said:

    hi..I didn’t know dat we cn collect it by today, cz i didn’t check de block earlier, so may i know can we collect it on monday instead?

    • yup sure, collection can be made up till the 8th of may. Be sure to collect them as you can cz you get to choose which colour 😉

  3. My GOD!! sudah limpas kah?? i really2 have forgotten! The last time i checked there, they said still not available and asked to come some other day.. sampai ku lupa wah kan keep track aa.. no fair 😥

  4. Hey, Rina, you still can come and collect your pendrive from the PMUBD office at office hours 😀

  5. Thank you soo much! Save one for me yes? I’ll come and collect it ASAP. Thank you :’) I really appreciate it.. Thank you million times 😀

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